We have made HODLing NFTs lucrative

License your NFT art and earn profit on each product sold

We have vetted and selected for you products that last and are high quality. So you can always be sure that your amazing NFT will look always good.

How to sell your NFT as a product?

Put your NFT on a product

Step One

Create Merchant account

To start selling your NFT-s as products is simple!

Just create a Merchant account. Add your NFT-s to our system. 

Verify your NFT-s and we will take care of the rest.

Step Two

Selling your NFTs as products via Brushly

Upload your NFTs to Brushly's merchant system.
Including the link to NFT for verification.

Select products you would like to sell. Our team is constantly sourcing new high-quality products to print your NFTs on. So you can be always sure. 

And Brushlys team will take care of the rest.

Step Three

Pricing Strategy for NFT Merch

Remember, more unique and rare the art is, higher the price. With Brushly you can choose, if you would like to sell unlimited versions of your NFT products, or create rare limited edition NFT selections. By choosing to run limited edition selection, customers usually appreciate the rareness.

Step Three


After Selecting your products and quantities you would like to sell. Our designers will take your NFTs and design them on your products. With provided links to NFT for example on OpenSea they will add QR codes to the products. This way every person who orders your product can verify the Uniqueness of your Product.

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