Developing Licensing platform for NFT Holders

Setting up logistics and manufacturing partners to provide the highest quality products and the best infrastructure for people to easily sell their NFT Products world wide.


Launching NFT Marketplace

Setting up backoffice to provide easy to use platform for licensing NFT art, without staking it.

Launching Marketplace for licensing NFTs. NFT holders after verifying the ownership and earn Commissions from sales of products with their NFT designs

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Get your own NFT products

We added an option for NFT holders to order their own NFT products such as Hoodies, Shirts, wall arts. We use only the highest quality materials and products can be delivered worldwide.

More product options will be added soon!

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Minting the OG Brushly NFT

Become an OG member of Brushly. This is token represents exclusive access that will bring you tremendous value within years to come.

The founders club exclusive token is limited to only 1000 NFTs.

The OG of Brushly NFT Owners club can get free access to future updates such as:

-Free NFT Drops
 Each new NFT dropped into your wallet will be also sold on via the brushlys marketplace as a product is it a Hoodie, T-shirt, Wallart, interior product. 

- Get early access to any new features rolling out on Brushlys Marketplace

- License your NFT products at Brushlys marketplace for free. 

- Earn more commission on each licensed NFT you sell on Brushlys marketplace.

- And so much more!

How will your contribution help us?

100% of the profits from sales of NFTs we put back into growing the Brushlys Platform.

The proceeds from this NFT sale will be used accordingly:

 20% into development - Growing the platform to keep up with the scale.

 50% as marketing budget - so the future NFTs that we will drop for the OG-s will have even higher commissions, due to the larger sales volume of the products.

30% operations - So our designers can design even more beautiful products and NFTs


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Launching Brushly NFT Collection

Besides everyone who can use our platform to license their NFTs, Brushly is also giving our limited edition NFTs that will be sold as Wallarts, apparel, and other stunning products. 

Which is even more exciting, Brushly NFT holders can earn % of commission from each product sold with their NFT on it. 

January. 2022

Brushly Token Presale

We are launching Brushly token that can be staked to earn commission from every product sold on the Brushly marketplace. (whitepaper planning is initiated, to create the best tokenomics possible that supports community and business)

Q2 - 2022

Launching Brushly Token

More info will be available soon.

Q3/Q4 - 2022


We are planning to do airdrops of various Brushly NFTs to existing NFT Holders and also future token holders. 

Q3/Q4 - 2022

New Partnership Deals

Partnership deals with third-party sellers. This is exciting for all the merchants on the NFT marketplace, where the best-performing products will be also sold via third-party resellers.


Plans for Metaverse

Our team is currently discussing different venues, and ideas to launch a Metaverse project.


The Specs


Bridging the gap between metaverse and reality You will discover different ways to use your goods in the next phases.


We encourage our community to share with us and be a full part of Brushly's growth.


Be part of a smart and ambitious community. Common goals, make common success.


Don't get involved with the hype, choose consistency. The Brushly project is designed to evolve and expand over the years.