Global store for independent artists

Are you inspiring artist? Brushly team is looking for independent artists, photographers and designers who love to design. We enabled artists by providing them passive income from all the products we sell. Brushly's reach isn't only limited to our own platform your products will be also sold on third party marketplaces as well.

How to get started?

Sign Up

Send us your portfolio and we will take a look at your inspiring designs. If we love your work we will get back to you.

Become Global Artist

Get your design distributed across the globe. We will take care of your product distribiution for you. No need to hassle with clients, shipments, refunds, stock management, just get paid when we sell your product

Get Paid.

You will recieve 15% commision from all the products that we sell with your art.

Product Range

Brushly's team will manufacture your products on selected canvases, phone cases, Accessories. Here are a few examples of our full product range. We value quality and know it matters to you and our customers. We are constantly adding new amazing products to our selection.
How does it work?

Here’s the information how brushly works.

You create and upload

Once you’ve finished your inspiring masterpiece. Simply send it to us and we will take care of the rest.

We handle the transactions

When people purhase products with your design. We handle the payment for you. no need to worry about purchasing fancy card readers.

We take care of manufacturing and printing

You could make the products yourself, but the machines that are required for the process would probably take the whole area of your  lovely living room. We are afriad that your cat, dog, roomie or lovely partner in crime won’t be pleased with that.

We take care of the headaches

Customer didn’t love what they ordered? No worries, our team of caring customer support people will take care of even the salties customers.


Brushly team works around the clock to sell products with your design. Our team doesn’t limit ourselves with only our platform. Selected designs will be distributed to other larger selling platforms as well. We are also working with other retailers to get your design in front of as many people as possible.

Relax and enjoy what you love to do the most!

Why need to worry with unneccesary things, when you can relax and someone else will take care all the heavy lifting for you.

Sounds like a plan?